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 Custom Fashion ♕

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PostSubject: CSR,GM App   Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:13 am

Must Be Active: I can be on game almost all day. When school starts will be on maybe for 6hours a day, but right now i can be on around 14hours a day.
. 5hrs each day monday-friday. [i can play more then 5hours monday-friday.
Willing to look around for Bugs/Glitches:Yes i will try to find bugs and stuff for the server because no one will wanna play a buggy server.
Must Be able to answer player questions as well: Well on the other servers i was GM, CSR i answered everyone questions no matter what.
Willing to take orders from the Admins: Ofc i'm im willing to take orders from admins.
Be able to have fun with the player community: Yes!
I would like to say that i been staff on other servers. Been Em on Pintos, GM on Nano, CSR on terra and a GM on 99shine.
Contact info: Skype id is xJohnyxkushx.
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Fashion ♕   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:14 am

Must work under the Community Leaders : Off course i will !

Point the players in the right Direction : That's my work !

Be Active : I'll be active (Very active )

I'll work good with other staff members and respect every player.

If ill be away for any reason I'll tell one of the staff members !

And ill not Abuse my position in staff.

Btw : I have been a CSR on 99shine.

Age : 17

Country : Belgium

Mood : Happy ! ;D

Contact : Skype id is helmiramadan

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Custom Fashion ♕
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