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 GD Application. =o

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PostSubject: GD Application. =o   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:14 pm

Must be able to have a Creative Atmosphere/Mind
Knowledge of Photoshop or Any well used artist software.
Put your knowledge with the other Designer to make awesome creations.
Ok. Well i have GIMP to make things but not photoshop which sucks horribly. I would much wrather use photoshop (If someone can find a free version lemme know) :c

Here the stuff i submitted yesterday.

A little buit about me

Well i love art i used to go to every forum and set up a signature shop i usually got a bit of orders, i love working with other staff for sure. Its like omg what are we gonna make and then we decide and we make it. But most of all id love to make Loading screens considering they"re cool.......... 0_0, And well. It"d be cool ummmmmmmmmmmm what else. Idk but yeah im good with people just as long as they dont troll. (: Thats it lemme know if i need to add anything o:

A new logo design i made with Gimp.

A New background i attempted to make but failed at.

A Signature i made for a Dev.

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GD Application. =o
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