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 Co Owner Application

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PostSubject: Co Owner Application   Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:22 pm

Co Owner Application:

We need just in case, 2 of these. At least 1 of them has to pay for the Dedicated Server. This could be anywhere up to $200 For the one we need for the Client to run perfectly and have file security. They will also need to be able to use PayPal and a Credit Card and have NO, absolutely, NO Trust Issues. We here at Illusion Online are an extremely trustworthy community. The other 1 must also have a PayPal account and no trust Issues, We need 2 of these Due to the fact that I cannot open a Bank Account where I live just yet. Therefore I cannot purchase the stuff we need Online for the server. If you are interested PM me your application for Co Ownership, and why you should be Co Owner, and what you can pay up to. You will get full Administrative Rights, Co Ownership of the Server/Forums. But I will be handling the Dedi for the Server. But as I said before, it can be up to 200$, It probably will not be that much though, it depends on what you're willing to go up to as in Amount of Payment.

Note: I will not ask for Credit Card Information/Bank Account Information/PayPal Information, I do not want access into your account or anything like that. I only desire to get this Client up and Running for the Community.

Thank you for Applying.
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Co Owner Application
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