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 Interested in being a CL

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PostSubject: Interested in being a CL   Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:39 pm

Must Be Active: i can be pretty active i usually have about 4-5hrs a day that i can provide to the game i have lots of experience with playing and guiding ppl on where mobs and the best possible grind spots in game

Must Be Able to handle arguments, and find solutions to the arguments as soon as possible. : i can handle lots of stress with unco-operative members of all types of games i know quite a bit about gameplay and social interests

Must be able to work with the Other Community Leader fairly.: has worked with several diff pservers in the passed some that didn't get off the ground and some that didn't take what their staff members had to say seriously, i'm a pretty laidback guy and i have always like playing fiesta since it 1st came out , the great thing about this game is it simplicity

contact me here : davidj.ianni@ or on skype :Legendarydave76
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Interested in being a CL
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