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 Staff Application/Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Application/Rules   Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:19 pm

We Currently Have:

2 Developers,1 Game Master, 0 Community leader, 1 Owner, 1 Designer, 0 Event Ambassadors, 0 Community Social Referees.

We Currently Need:

0 Developers, 2 Active Community Leader, 1 Designer, 1 or 2 Game Masters, 1 or 2 Event Ambassadors, 2 or 3 Community Social Referees.

All Staff Requirements:
Please be Active.
Must work well with the other staff members regardless of Gender/Race.
Do not use Profanity against the players. Players may hear your profanity as long as it is not too them.
Profanity From a Staff Member, to another Staff Member is Permitted, Just try to keep it at a minimum without hurting the other Staff's self esteem.
Must be able to take Criticism.
If you're going on Vacation, Notify Me via PM.
Staff to Player Marriages ARE allowed, However, if a Staff Member is caught treating their partner with overpowered items. They will be fired.
Staff to Staff marriages are allowed.
All Staff Must have At Least Windows Live Messenger, or Skype. Or Someway of Communication with me at most.
Staff may give out their Windows Live Messenger or Skype to players. Same Rule Follows, if that Staff hands out anything free or any information the Community is not allowed to know such as; Certain Developments/Bugs/Glitches.
Staff May Not be Bribed, or Give Bribes. If that Staff is Found out of giving or receiving such things, they will be fired, the player will be banned, and I will go as far as an IP Ban for either the Staff or Player. The Community is 2nd important to me, my girlfriend is top priority. But I care about this Community, I do not want it Tainted.
Staff must stay in the Staff Guild. I will be making this Guild, No Exceptions.
All Staff Members are allowed to Hold an Event if the EA(Event Ambassador) Is either away/offline/or on Vacation. Staff must Notify me before Event Creation.
[CL]Desire is my girlfriend, if she asks you to check up on something game related, please listen to her and do so.
If you have no job to do, you can hangout in game with the players on your staff character. But again if items are handed out of any kind just for the sheer joy of it, and there is no reason to hand them out. You will be fired.
Staff are allowed to have Alts, but they must not reveal they are Staff to the player community. Or they will be fired.

Separate Staff Requirements:

Community Leader:
Must Be Active
Must Be Able to handle arguments, and find solutions to the arguments as soon as possible.
Must be able to work with the Other Community Leader fairly.

Must be able to have a Creative Atmosphere/Mind
Knowledge of Photoshop or Any well used artist software.
Put your knowledge with the other Designer to make awesome creations.

Community Social Referee:
Must work well under the Community Leaders
Point the players in the right Direction
Answer the Player questions if possible, if not, give them the best answer you can think of.
Be able to take hateful criticism on your responses.

Game Master:
Must Be Active
Willing to look around for Bugs/Glitches
Must Be able to answer player questions as well
Willing to take orders from the Admins.
Be able to have fun with the player community.

Event Ambassador:
Somewhat Active
Willing to Hold Events
Take Event criticism based on bad or good opinions of the event.
Keep the Events Spicy, Invent new Events that the players would enjoy, make the possibilities endless.

Thank you to all that Apply. Congratulations to you if you get the job. If you don't, We appreciate your application as well, and we're sorry that you did not get it, but when a Position becomes available you may re-apply. Apply to these Applications in a Post. If you send me a PM with your Application, I may pass it up and not read it. Because I won't notice. Apply Here if you want a 100% Guaranteed Response.

As for the Co Owner Application, you will get a seperate Application due to the requirements of that, this Application is located in News and Announcements as well
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Noobie Poster
Noobie Poster

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PostSubject: Event Ambassador   Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:20 pm

Somewhat Active: I usually stay active for about 2-5 hours day(depends if im busy). On weekends,3-7 hours a day.
Willing to Hold Events: I am willing to hold any event at any time Smile
Take Event criticism based on bad or good opinions of the event. : I handle criticism pretty well, I usually don't get easily offended. If there is bad criticism,I'll try my best to improve the next event.
Keep the Events Spicy, Invent new Events that the players would enjoy, make the possibilities endless. I have plenty of ideas for events,such as, Find The hidden Treasure chest,Kill the Imposter(I'll spawn a random monster,on a map which its unusual to be there. Then players have to find it and kill it and bring me the drop.)And classic events:hide-n-seek,pvp event, mob spawning,staff vs player,and much more.

contact info:john.leang on skype,or iKoshi
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PostSubject: Game Master    Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:17 pm

Hello, my name is Strawberry and i would like to apply for a Game Masterjob,
I'm active everyday for 3-4 hours
I will test everything, even skills for bugs. I will even look in costumes.
Any question you ask i will get it right.
I listen to all staff and admins, because i am a good listener.
I love to make videos with friends, and love to make everyone happy. And i love too invite more people to this game.

I've worked with [DEV]Afra on sabaton as a Game Desginer, and i've been a game master on the game ShaWou Online. I also been GD on trian online also!
Skype: gd.strawberry <---
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PostSubject: I am Vanilla   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:26 pm

Contact me on skype: gd.strawberry, email: duskblogger @, or here.
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PostSubject: Game Master   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:33 pm

Must Be Active: I can be active anytime after school. (Starting school back up on 8/17) Be very active during the weekends. 5hrs each day monday-friday. (If I happened to not do anything during thoses days)
Willing to look around for Bugs/Glitches: I'm willing to ofc, who'd wanna play a very buggy server? :3 Try to find thoses bugs and glitches to make them un-bug/glitchy.
Must Be able to answer player questions as well: I will be able ofc, maybe if I know the answers to the questions they ask :'3
Willing to take orders from the Admins: Yes I'll be willing to, I listen very well.
Be able to have fun with the player community: Ofc Smile
I would also like to mention I've been staff on other servers before. I've been EM(Event Manger) twice. Admin once and GM once.
Contact info: MSN: also along with my skype: KairiBubbles
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PostSubject: My Application   Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:52 pm

Hey my name's Kofey.

I've been playing different fiesta servers (including OS and private servers) since 2009. I've been a CSR before and i've been GM on other games and i'm hoping to become a staff member here too. I've picked up alot of experience from the time i've had being a staff member.

I can be active every day, usually for about 5 or 6 hours if needed and mostly in the morning/late afternoon - evening (GMT)

I enjoy socialising with other players in the game and making sure that everyone is having a happy experience when I can. I don't mind giving up my time to make sure that others are happy. I also enjoy being active on the forums and making guides.

Truthfully, i've never held an event on Fiesta before, but I am creative and have and think of many event ideas often. During my time as a CSR I sometimes assisted the event holder to ensure it was good and fair.

Also, I spent time as a CSR testing new developments and searching for bugs and problems.

I would be happy to be in any position which is available and which you think would suit me best. But, personally I would like to become a GM. I think I would be suited to this position because of my reliability, maturity and trustworthyness. I also think I would be good as a CSR/CL due to my past experience and stuff mentioned above.

I have MSN and would be happy to join Skype. I can't post my email here because of restrictions (lol) but I can give it to you if needed through PM or whatever.

Please just ask if you other need any other pieces of info xD

Thanks Smile

(Not sure if I was meant to do this like everyone else but I wasn't sure which type of staff to apply for xD just let me know if I have to do it like everyone else please)
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Application/Rules   

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Staff Application/Rules
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